Reflexio brings together lessons learned from various fields such as software engineering, knowledge engineering, philosophy, design, etc. for personal development. Concepts are explained in such a way that no prior knowledge is required. They are intended to be pragmatic (applicable to real situations) and generic (applicable to many situations).

The Network of Trust

I've always been curious about how people could end up believing in a flat hearth. For a long time I thought they were living on another planet. After this talk, I believe there are living in another network of trust.

Cost of Drawbacks

The article Principles for Better Design gathers insights on how to solve problems efficiently, but omits a crucial point: how to evaluate other people's designs. This article focuses on one aspect of assessing the credibility of a design.

Principles for Better Design

Design is a creative activity that aims to invent, improve and solve problems. Life is full of them, in various domains, which pushes people to eventually become a designer of something. Whether you're conceiving a recipe, an apartment layout, a software or a rocket you are designing. By learning the fundamentals, you will arm yourself for various situations. Here is a list of the...

Well-meaning Lies for Teaching

I remember our high school math teacher lying to the class while teaching. What a brilliant pedagogical idea!

Progressive Ideas are Unstable

What is published early deals with current issues. Up-to-dateness is the necessary (but not sufficient) ingredient for the development of progressiveness. In the hypothesis that society learns from experience, new ideas come from combinations of old ones.

The Emancipation Trend

I’ve never spent as much time using dating applications as during the coronavirus quarantine. Those applications are incredibly powerful for discovering really quickly the interests of the people around you. What fascinates me is the number of profiles that are interested in feminism, anti-capitalism, challenging norms, all forms of authority/conformism, etc. Profiles that crave to break norms, to think outside categories, to explore limits,...